County’s law enforcement speaks out on clown incidents


    South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee are now all a part of “the scary clown phase”. South Carolina initially reported that creepy clowns sightings, stating these scary make-up fiends were trying to lure children into the woods. Now, copycats or the threat of copycat sightings, are being reported close by.
    After a Wednesday lock down in Red Bank, law enforcement officials have placed multiple charges on two students after they were accused of making threats on social media about a killer clown.
    News Channel 9 reported that Lt. Shaun Shepherd with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department stated “the sheriff’s office takes all threats seriously.” Adding, “”We want to stress to the parents to make sure they sit and talk with their kids
    and make certain they understand that this is not something that’s a laughing matter.”
    Other news sources reported Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum as saying they too, had received fake calls about clowns and will also prosecute whomever reports false sightings, as well as anyone who dresses like a clown in attempt to cause others fear or harm.
    Locally, Detective Gene Hargis stated there had not been any reports of clown sighting but warned, “If anyone sees a clown, call law enforcement … and if anyone is thinking of dressing up as a clown, that would be a bad idea, as citizens are on high alert with all the strangeness elsewhere, and someone not meaning harm could get hurt or killed.”
    Parents are urged to have a talk with their children about reporting both real and false sightings, as either could be just as serious for them.