Truck collision in Stevenson causes disruption


    By David Riley, Publisher

    On Thursday, December 29, a 6:15 a.m. call came into local dispatch regarding two tractor trailers that were involved in an accident that resulted in the destruction of the MJ Mart in Stevenson, AL. Both of the drivers were taken to area hospitals, but were expected to recover. The scene of the accident had several spots of spilled fluids which posed the most prevalent concern for responders. According to Police Chief Kevin Smith, no charges were anticipated at the time of the accident.

    According to Smith, the trucks were traveling southbound on Hwy. 72 when the front truck was struck from behind by the second vehicle. The force of the impact projected the front truck into the corner of MJ Mart with such velocity that the front truck passed the highway right of way and into the store hard enough to move the store off its foundation. Smith said, “That building is totaled…it’s knocked off its foundation and everything.”

    “One of them was hurt, they took him to Erlanger,” Smith said. Ed Thorne with the Alabama Highway Patrol confirmed that the other driver was taken by private vehicle to Erlanger as well.

    There was initially some concern over potential gas leaking from the store’s supply. Smith said the concern wasn’t a store gas supply leak, but, “We’ve got a lot of oil spilled and gas leaking out of the vehicles. Nothing major.”

    When asked about potential cause of the accident, Smith deferred judgement. “I don’t really know right now.” Smith continued to address potential charges, “I don’t think they’ll be any charges, it’s just an accident.”