Suck Creek Road temporarily closed due to cyclist accident


Posted 2/10/2017    Updated 2/14/2017

Friday morning, Suck Creek Road, a popular connecting road between Marion County and Hamilton County, was closed due to a bicycle versus automobile accident. At about 9:30 a call came in reporting the accident. It was quickly established to be on the Hamilton County jurisdiction, but quickly resulted in the closure of the road pending an investigation.

A driver who was traveling on Suck Creek at the time of the accident and was one of the first people on the scene after the impact said, “When we arrived on the scene, there was a cyclist face-down behind the vehicle that had hit him. His bicycle was crumpled in a ditch.” the driver acknowledged there had been some confusion as whether the collision was a hit and run, but said, “The driver was still on the scene and visibly shaken. The driver was there crying and shaken at what had happened when we pulled up. The vehicle’s windshield was shattered. She remained there the whole time when the police and ambulance arrived on the scene.”

The drivers name has not been release, but the cyclist has been identified as 19 year old Cameron Reese. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone that may have first hand information on the accident to please contact them at 423-893-3503 ext. 237.

Stay with Marion County News as we hope to follow this story.