Richard Hardy men advance with a convincing victory

Allan Wynne and the Hawks continue their journey into the regional bracket.
Blake Buchanan attempts a three in the fourth after he already had put one in earlier in the game.
Grayson Chappelear drives to the basket late. Ultimately, gaining the contact, the basket and a successful trip to the line for a three point play.

Richard Hardy Hawks’ men’s basketball program, who nabbed second place in district 6A, advanced through round one of the regional contests. Whereas the ‘usual suspects’ were effective on offense such as Allan Wynne (22 points), Aaron Robinson (15 points) and Simon Klompien (18 points) the Hawks were able to dig deep into their bench garnering seven points from Grayson Chappelear and five points from Blake Buchanan. There were only four players on the roster that didn’t contribute offense for the game. The Hawks finish with a 86-54 win over the Cougars of Copper Basin.

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