MCHS Lady Warriors advance in regionals

Amy Webb takes a moment for the offense to set up on the way to a convincing win over the Lady Patriots

The Marion County High School women’s basketball team are one game closer to the state

Chloe Gregory would come off the bench late to take over at guard.

title game with their win over the Chattanooga School for Arts and Science Lady Patriots last week in round two of the regional tournament. The aggressive contest gave the Tribe a glance at what’s to come as they make their way into tougher and tougher competition through the bracket.

Ashton McGrew came off the bench to add five points including going 3-for-3 from the foul line

MCHS took a commanding lead at the end of the first  allowing only five points and producing twenty four of their own. Admittedly, they made the mistake of taking the Patriots too lightly in the second. Senior Hannah Phillips said, “I think we just got too comfortable.” Lady Warrior Lindsay Glass concurred, “We did get comfortable and they were aware enough to take advantage of it.” MCHS would still take a 33-16 lead into halftime, but they knew they were not out of the woods yet.

The two teams were not willing to give the other any room in

Point guard Breanna Vinson moves the ball forward for the Lady Warriors

the third as Warrior Chloe Gregory would come off the bench for five points and the entire team would only see 11 points scored. It was enough given the Warriors defense held the Patriots to eight points. The final quarter would prove to be the Warriors’ opportunity to take advantage of the foul line. Going 12-16 from the line as a team, the Warriors kept the momentum as Coach Randy Ellis was able to rotate through his bench giving players an opportunity to rest and win the war of attrition with a final score of 64-35.

The team now faces a familiar foe as Van Buren Lady Eagles defeated Silverdale earlier in the evening. Phillips was very sober as to the challenge ahead of them. Phillips said of the greatest threat, “They can all shoot threes…it’s pointless to try and zone them because they can all shoot and if they have a tiny opening they can make the shot.” Coach Ellis hasn’t lost any respect for Van Buren either saying, “Van Buren was on fire tonight. I think they surprised Silverdale…Van Buren stuck it to them the whole game. Of course we’ll have

Amy Webb takes a moment for the offense to set up on the way to a convincing win over the Lady Patriots

to be aware of Christiansen and Tilley, but they’ll be ready to play us….they always are.” Point guard Breanna Vinson felt the same. “We’ve beat them the last three time we faced them this year and they aren’t going to want that fourth loss to us. If we’re not at the top of our game, they will make us pay for it,” Vinson said.

The March 1 contest with Marion County and Van Buren will be played at Marion County High School in Jasper and will begin at 7:00 pm.