Weather threat for March 30: “Slight” for afternoon, “Moderate” for tonight


Updated 3/30/2017 It appears the main threat for serious weather for Marion County will be heavy rains and, correspondingly, flash flooding. The system is expected to reach the Marion County area between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm


In consultation with National Weather Service and Marion County EMA, the threat for severe weather is fairly small for the afternoon hours. The main threat would be scattered rain or thunder showers.

Starting around 8:00 pm, that could change depending on the formation of a cell forming in western Tennessee stretching from Illinois to Mississippi. Marion County EMA Director, Steve Lamb said, “We may enter into a “marginal” chance for serious wind and possible hail if that cell continues to form.” Lamb stresses common sense in anticipation of the possible weather. “The mountain areas have a higher chance of the serious wind, but we could see 50-60 mph wind [in the valley].” Lamb felt that there wasn’t need to push the panic button just yet. “We’re going to be keeping an eye on that cell until it reaches middle Tennessee before I make any formal notification. Lightning and thunder do not constitute “severe weather,” any thunderstorm has lightning in it. Basic safety precautions will keep people safe. If you hear thunder and particularly if you see lightning, take cover indoors.”

The incoming cell has a slight potential to generate 50-60 mph winds and drop one inch hail. Right now the chances are somewhere between slight and moderate. Please stay tuned to local weather outlets and remain aware of the weather conditions if outdoors.