MCSD conducts standard search at SPHS


Wednesday morning, South Pittsburg High School was placed on lockdown. Marion County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) was conducting normal drug sweeps through the school.

Chattanooga Police Department vehicles were on scene also, but they were merely providing the K-9 units to expedite the search. MCSD’s K-9 program was not resurrected after the passing of their last K-9 unit. Chattanooga PD emphasized they were only at the school in a supplemental capacity to detectives from MCSD.

Detective Gene Hargis emphasized there was no specific lead prompting the search. “This is just a routine random search that we periodically do at the schools,” Hargis continued, “We didn’t find anything of substance on the search.”

The MCSD makes sporadic searches throughout the county as part of an effort to dis-incentivize drug usage and distribution among young people.