“Dressing room” violation under investigation at JMS


Updated 4/19/2017 7:05 pm

Update: Director of Schools, Mark Griffith, has confirmed that the student who made the video has been issued a 365 day expulsion pending a Disciplinary Review  Committee hearing.


Prompted by Jasper Middle School administration concerns, Director of Schools Mark Griffith confirms that there is an investigation taking place into a student video taping another student redressing in a bathroom stall. Griffith said, “Right now, Jasper Middle School is conducting the investigation with assistance from a School Resource Officer and some representatives from central office.” Griffith was not willing to lock down a timeline for the investigation. “It’s the intention of the investigation to be as thorough and fair as possible. It may take a day…it may take longer, but I’m asking for ‘thorough’ before I’m asking for ‘quick,'” Griffith stated.

The incident resulted in a dissemination of the video. Marion County Newspapers has been told that the victim’s parent has the video in her possession. None of the students involved names have been released due to the ages involved. Marion County Newspapers will continue to follow this story and this investigation.