Jasper to issue new requirements for pit bull owners


Edited 6/1/17: Correct the insurance coverage amount

The Town of Jasper, at the suggestion of the the police department and animal control, took the first step towards making owners of pit bulls carry additional insurance and adhere to more strict containment for their dogs within the town’s limits..

Citing the existing restrictions in South Pittsburg and Kimball, animal control supervisor Justin Baker said that the town has increased in the number of the breed in Jasper. ¬†Correspondingly, he has had a significant uptick in calls related to the breed. Baker recalled an episode where one “chased me back into my truck.” Baker recommended the board outlaw the breed altogether.

The board wasn’t willing to capitulate to an all-out ban, but were wanting stronger requirements for owners of the dogs.¬†Police Chief Billy Mason was comfortable with the increased requirements.

Whereas the exact language of the ordinance may undergo minor modification, the high points were, when passed, pit bull owners had thirty days to register their pitbull and would have to carry a $100,000 insurance policy and put enhanced containment such as burying a fence two feet below ground level and keep minimum height on the fence line.