Vess looking forward to South Pittsburg City Administrator position

Gene Vess

Gene Vess was selected by the South Pittsburg Board of Mayor and Commissioners as the new City Administrator for the city last week. Vess doesn’t officially start with the city until May 30, but his family is using the time to transition “back home,” as Vess refers to South Pittsburg. Vess acknowledges there are some challenges, but is optimistic about the opportunities he sees for the city.

The former South Pittsburg Postmaster conceded that his only reason for leaving the city was to further his career with the USPS. “I left because I wanted to move forward with the postal service, which I did, but we always considered South Pittsburg where we’d come back to even if it was for retirement. This opportunity allowed us to come back,” Vess said.

Vess says he’s excited about getting to work. “There’ll be some challenges,” Vess continued, “But I think we’ll go in the right direction pretty quickly.” Briefly, Vess touched on the conditions of the park. “It’s a question of we’ll get out of it what we put into it. When my girls were playing, there was a core group of 12-15 of us that volunteered for the park board and we were coaches and periodically did work on the park. You can’t expect 2-3 people to do all the work.”

Vess has already retained housing in South Pittsburg and has embraced the leisurely pace before formally starting work. “I told the mayor I was ready to go anytime, but he wanted me to start on the 30th. This gives me a chance to get moved in and put my house up for sale.” Vess hinted that he looks forward to being a mainstay at Pirate football games and becoming reinvested in the community.