Letter to editor re: Jasper its bull restrictions


Letter to the Editor:

In response to the Town of Jasper’s proposed Ordinance #376 restricting Pit Bull breed dogs inside the city limits.

Over the last 20 years, my friends and I have rescued over 7000, temperament testing each one. We get aggressive dogs all the time. Most are Not pit bulls.  We have had dogs kill other dogs,  we have had dogs bite children, but the pit bulls haven’t been any more aggressive than the others.  YES a large aggressive dog is more dangerous than a small aggressive dog. But I know in Marion County, a Dachshund who tore off a toddler’s ear, a large Poodle/Lab mix who maimed a child’s face, a Jack Russell who had to be shot by the police because they couldn’t get near the mean dog and he was attacking people. Maybe I should keep going about all I’ve seen in this county because people seem to be blinded by stereotypes. Seriously.  I can also tell a couple stories of pit bulls who have bitten people and killed other dogs.  But do you remember reading stories about the Dachshund? The Poodle? Or the Jack Russell?  NO!!!  I guess I should have put them in the papers!!

Yes, pit bulls are tenacious dogs. They tend to be very energetic and exuberant. I am very very picky about who I will adopt one to.  People must be responsible about their pets.  If you stick a pit bull on a chain and increase their frustration level, it can be a bad combination. And man, can a pit bull do damage if he/she wants to. Require people who have dogs to keep them inside and raise them like family members, and a lot of the issues will go away.

The only real issue in this community is that many people treat dogs like property. They make zero effort to socialize them properly with strangers, children, and other dogs. Zero effort to consult beneficial professional dog trainers. Many people stick their dog on a chain or in a small yard, or even let them run free unaltered and cause trouble. These actions or lack of action only make matters worse for the whole community.

70-76% OF DOG BITES ARE FROM UN-NEUTERED MALE DOGS.  (AVMA.org A community Approach to Dog Bite Prevention) Seriously that is the statistic we need to be paying attention to. It’s not the breed. It’s the gender that truly has the most accurate statistics behind it.

Mandatory neutering of male dogs if not planning to get a license to breed them. That would be a law I could get behind.

I have euthanized about 11 dogs in the last 20 years for aggression.  And that is perfectly fine. Some dogs do not need to be part of society.  They need to live harmoniously in our society.  But only three of those were pit bulls or Pit mix dogs. Only 3 out of 11. Not a strong ratio against pit bulls. But all 11 were large dogs and mentally unstable.

We need stronger laws protecting the community against AGGRESSIVE dogs. I do NOT need to be protected from Every dog with a large head!!!!

Just my two cents.  From a mother of four children, two of whom have been bitten by dogs. Neither one bitten by a pit bull.

April Bowden