Jasper passes “pit bull” ban without dissent

Alderman Mac Bumpus, Josh Jennings, Paul West, Mayor Paul Evans and Alderman Leon Rash hear concerns from Laura Turner about costs associated with enforcing the ordinance.
In an extremely rare circumstance, the monthly Jasper meeting was standing room only as citizens expressed concerns over the, now passed, pit bull restrictions.

The Town of Jasper Board of Aldermen and Mayor completed the the procedure to employ a restriction against new pit bulls and enhanced containment measures for existing “pit bull” dogs within the town’s limits. The measure, introduced in last month’s regular meeting, required only a public hearing and second reading in this month’s meeting to become local law.

Whereas there were opposition positions allowed to speak against the ordinance, the only citizen scheduled to speak in support of the ban was not present. The board was unmoved by any of the citizen comments or a written petition opposing the law. The board voted unanimously to approve the ban.

Alderman Josh Jennings said after the meeting, “I had thirty four people contact me to vote for the ordinance, I had nine say vote against it and fifteen who didn’t have an opinion. Given those numbers, I felt I was representing the will of the constituents.”