Rutledge murder trial begins

File photo from Marion County Newspapers

Stemming from a March of 2015 incident, Holly Rutledge stands trial for ending the life of 5 year old Lucas Dillon. The indictment on the murder charge was nearly eleven months after the incident in February of 2016 and this week the case begins the jury deliberations.

Among the witnesses called by the prosecution today included the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s (TBI) forensic scientist, who studied some of the child’s clothing. The first responding officer to the scene and a pediatric doctor who was initially called to explore the possibility of abuse at Erlanger Hospital where Dillon ultimately was airlifted from, then, Grandview Hospital.

Photos were shown in the courtroom documenting the questionable bruising on the victims body that led investigators to start pursuing the possibility that abuse was at the heart of the fatal injury; a significant blow to the head. The prosecution maintains that the damage on the victim’s head was the result of malicious activity by Rutledge. The defense has entered alternative explanations for the bruising throughout the body, but still have not given an explanation for the fatal blow other than to introduce that Dillon may have sustained the injury elsewhere and the manifestations of the injury weren’t felt until later.

The court is currently predicted to meet through Friday with possible jury deliberation starting then. The jury was convened in Franklin County and has been sequestered in Marion County to provide as unbiased of a jury as possible given the amount of press the case received locally.