WMS celebrates diversity and educates


With the help of 5th grader Luke Harvey’s personal story, Whitwell

The school provided reminders for their students to encourage mutual respect.

Middle School continued to promote their “Cool to be Kind” campaign. The school’s staff has historically fostered a culture of inclusion and this year is no different.

Luke was born with Apert Syndrome, which, as guest speaker Dr.Brian Webb described, “Luke’s cranial bones fused together before the soft tissue inside had an opportunity to develop and grow.” Clearly not one to be coddled, Luke has undergone 30 surgeries to date to help development as he grows.

So looking different isn’t something to be ashamed of according to Terry Smyth from the Craniofacial Foundation in Chattanooga. She explained to students that she believes children who look different are a gift.

Whereas Luke wasn’t on site today, the aura of the school bodes well for a warm reception.