South Pittsburg shooting investigation faces a slow down


A shooting that took place on the 200 block of Birch Avenue in South Pittsburg on October 3 at 10:20 pm continues to be investigated by multiple agencies today. South Pittsburg Police Department Chief of Police Ryan Meeks confirmed the shooting victim as Zachary Cantrell. Meeks said, “The victim was shoot twice. Once in the back and once in the hand.”

Initially, in response to 9-1-1 calls, Life Force was dispatched, but the victim was transported to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga. The condition of the victim was not immediately available. A call to the patient information line had no current patient by the name of Zachary Cantrell listed this morning.

Jennifer Tittswell, with the Erlanger Medical Center Public Relations Department, reaffirmed that because of HIPPA restrictions, there could be no information disseminated other than if there was patient by that name.

Meeks indicated that at the scene, the victim was unwilling or unable to point to his assailant. Reports later surfaced that Cantrell fingered Michael Godsby as the shooter while at the hospital. Meeks has been attempting to confirm whether the bullets were removed from the victim. Meeks said that the bullets, once removed from the body, become the property of the medical center’s security or police department. Meeks said efforts to have the evidence released to the SPPD had been unsuccessful offering the caveat that he wasn’t even 100% sure the evidence had been removed from the victim’s body. Meeks was planning to travel to the medical center to expedite the process.

As of 9:40 am on October 4, no arrests have been made in the case.