Warriors continue their state championship quest

Jacob Saylors (#8) gains some of his 200-plus yards against Trousdale.

When the Warriors were sitting on a record of 3-5 after being declared the heir apparent in preseason polls for a shot at the state championship, many had decided it was a lost cause. Thanks to their win in the second round of the state playoffs, the Warriors of Marion County High School now sit at a 7-5 record and a ticket to the quarterfinals of the state playoffs.

Sampson bursts through the line.

Warrior running back Jacob Saylors played the game like he had something to prove. He succeeded with the added benefit of carrying the dreams of the Purple Nation fans on his back. With over 230 yards on 22 carries, Saylors took on the vast majority of the ground game for the Warriors. Brett Nelson would post a respectable 80 yards running and Seth McClain and Jax Rollins would also gain positive yardage for the Tribe.

Kane Hale would followup Saylors’ initial score at the 10:03 mark in the first with a reception and an inspired run after. Hale would literally drag the defender into the end zone with him in order to post the score that helped the Warriors take a 14-0 lead early in the first quarter. The Yellow Jackets would come back with a touchdown of their own but failed to execute the point after thanks to an MCHS block, which left the Warrior lead 14-6. Saylors would glide in for another touchdown before the halftime break to go up 20-6.

One constant throughout the game was the Jackets

Seth McClain (#30) earns some hard fought yards up the middle against the Yellow Jackets.

dominated in a statistic you don’t want to lead in: turnovers. With six Jacket turnovers, the Warriors would’ve had to work pretty hard to have lost the game. The Warrior defense had some remarkable plays scattered throughout the game. Brett Nelson and Jacob Saylors would, in addtion to their offensive merit during the matchup, would also both take an interception from the Jacket offense. The Warriors together posted 410 total offensive compared to the Jackets’ 305 yards.

Isaiah Sampson earns rushing yardage.

Warriors quarterback, Isaiah Sampson would once again post yard of his own at 40 yards including a rushing TD. As the Warriors look forward to their quarterfinals matchup against division foe Tyner Academy (who defeated Watertown 33-22 in order to face the Warriors) The 37-28 loss the Warriors suffered at the hands of the Rams of Tyner Academy can serve as the catalyst for avenging the the loss or the albatross that forces mental mistakes by the Warriors.

The Warriors now a boast a more experienced secondary which serve them well against Tyner who has a quarterback that is prone to run. In their first matchup, the Warriors played to prevent the pass and left 6-7 yards on the table a number of times that Tyner got through the line. Today, that would be very different as the defense has had the opportunity to read the offense better and close those lanes faster.

The proof is in the pudding… or on the scoreboard.
Man on mission. Saylors looking for a hole.