JES students shine…with impeccable hair…in Hairspray Jr.

Raising the bar...from behind bars. Many members of the cast of the JES Hairspray Jr. production "doing time" for doing the right thing.
Aubrey Lynn (left) and Cameron Smallwood (right) complemented each other on stage striking the perfect balance of “friend” and “coconspirator.”

Jasper Elementary School music teacher Wesley Brewer has notoriously exceeded expectations for what a “elementary school” performance should look like. Co-directing with Heather Thompson, Brewer has set the bar once again with the school’s presentation of Hairspray Jr. 

Whereas the audience of these types of programs are primed to exhibit more grace than amazement, the cast really turned them around. Easing into the first piece, one generally expects “the one with the chops” to open and carry the rest of the cast through the different numbers. To take nothing away from Aubrey Lynn, who played the lead character, but one found themselves waiting for the other shoe

Kelsea Holland played antagonist Amber Von Tussel with just an ounce of bile less than leaving the audience disliking her character. Nobody could argue her performance was top tier.

to drop in the talent scale…it never does. Through Brett Webb as the cheesy dance show host and Kelsea Holland as the antagonist to Cameron Smallwood who absolutely nailed her role as the lead’s greatest encourager and comic timing, the audience kept finding another talent of note.

“Blessed are the peacemakers…” Lennon Kilgore (in plaid) takes a relatively minor character and really put him on the map portraying Wilbur Turnblad.



Speaking as one who, frankly, was planning on taking a few perfunctory photographs and quietly make my departure, the performance had me engaged from the beginning to the end. My only regret was watching the the last night and not being able to encourage others to go see it.

Daughter and Mom relationships are always a mixed a bag…unless being played by Aubrey Lynn and Bailey Wilson. Wait, they really do look like sisters.
Londyn Sanders proves big things come from little packages as she knocks the portrayal of Inez Stubbs out of the park. Makes the audience forget they’re sitting in an elementary school program.