More information on Sequatchie shooting from Monday


Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett recently released some of the details surrounding the shooting in Sequatchie Monday, January 1.

The victim has been confirmed as Brandon Shrum, 24 years old. Reports indicate that Shrum approached the assailant’s, Johnny Watts, residence on Dancing Fern Road with a shovel in his hand “banging on Mr. Watt’s home yelling threats,” according to Sheriff Burnett. Burnett indicated that Watts fired two warning shots, presumably in the air, in an effort to scare Shrum from the premises. Shrum, apparently, approached Watts with the shovel still in hand. Watts then shot Shrum three times. Shrum was later pronounced dead and his body is being sent for an autopsy.

Burnett confirmed that there were reports filed by Shrum previous to this incident that indicated that Watts and Shrum had already developed a contentious relationship. “Shrum’s girlfriend lived a couple of houses up from Watts and there had been previous reports of Watts following them up to Whitwell and veering towards them on the highway.” Burnett confirmed that no charges have been filed as of Tuesday, January 2. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) had possession of the previous reports involving the two people involved in the shooting.

Though acknowledging the investigation was incomplete, Burnett indicated that it was likely that Watts would face the grand jury in February and “see if they see enough to indict him.”

We’ll be sure and follow this story for more updates.