Suspect from armed robbery remains at large after accident in Marion County

Dewayne Halfacre remains at large at this hour from an earlier morning crash while fleeing law enforcement. He is considered armed and dangerous and residents are encouraged to simply call 9-1-1 should they see the man.

Dewayne Lee Halfacre remains at large this hour after he and fellow suspect, Timothy Howell, crashed a vehicle in Whitwell, TN in the twilight hours of Monday morning. The two fled on foot and whereas Howell was captured relatively quickly, Halfacre remains at large. Several law enforcement agencies including the Whitwell Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are active in the search for Halfacre.

In an act of preventive caution, the Marion County School District has placed the Whitwell schools on lockdown status pending the capture of the suspect. Video evidence places Howell and Halfacre in the store in Rutherford County, however, closer to home, a witness description of the vehicle places the crashed car at Andy’s Market in South Pittsburg earlier and apparently tried to make entry while the stores was closed. Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett confirmed that it was this incident that originally sparked the local law enforcement interest in the pair. The car was located around 4 am at the parking lot of Whitwell Memorial Funeral Home on Morrison Springs Road in Whitwell. Upon being approached by law enforcement, the pair were initially compliant but would ultimately attempt to flee the scene. Their departure was short lived as the vehicle they were drive crashed.

According to those familiar with the case, the vehicle was later searched and found to contain two BB guns which were, apparently, similar in description to the weapons used in the Rutherford County robbery Friday night. Howell was apprehended shortly before 8 am this morning after law enforcement enhanced their search with the help of daylight.